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Our mission is to help adults and children living with chronic and persistent pain, stress, and mental health challenges to find a calm and steady body and mind to continue productive and peaceful lives through the support of evidence based mindfulness, somatic, and yoga practices. 

Weekly Accessible zoom yoga classes, on-demand library, and tools to support your  at-home practice. 

female fitness trainer doing yoga therapy pose from back pain. healthcare concept.jpg

Highly individualized, therapeutic yoga sessions with Mayuri via Zoom and In Person

Specialized group yoga experiences and series for adults, teens, and children.

Man Listening to Headphones

 A powerful 5-hour therapeutic listening program to reboot the nervous system.

Mayuri Gonzalez is a yoga therapist who has been teaching adults and children the transformational practices of yoga and mindfulness since 2000. She has specialized certifications in trauma-informed yoga, gentle somatic yoga, structural yoga therapy, yoga for children and teens, MBSR-T, positive psychology, safe and sound protocol (ILS), yoga for the special child and more. 


Schedule Introductory Call

Let's put you on the path to strengthen, nurture, and heal body, mind, and soul.

The first step is to schedule an introductory call so we can talk through our programs and the best fit for you or your family. Click below to schedule your call, or you can call/text at (914) 415-4674

Wisdom & Support

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