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Do you have a teen who is stressed?

Struggling with the pressures of teen life?

Feels anxious, distracted, or overwhelmed?


The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens Program will help teens 13-18 years of age learn simple yet effective mindfulness practices for managing stress, improving quality of life, and finding stillness and resiliency. 

Our teens today are facing greater mental health challenges than ever before. Whether sensory overload from electronic devices, cyberbullying, trauma from COVID 19, feeling socially isolated, or academic and social pressures. Teens are in dire need of education in self-care and a strong community of support, now more than ever. 

This research-based course will allow your teen to develop mindfulness skills to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Each session includes age-appropriate discussions, activities, and opportunities to practice mindfulness skills in a group setting.


Over the course of the series, teens will engage in deep relaxation, mindfulness, walking meditation, mindful movement, and everyday mindfulness activities. This course offers teens an opportunity to practice mindfulness in a supportive environment where everyone is accepted and welcome.

Your teen will become empowered to take control of their well-being, increase their self-esteem, and live life with renewed hope and enthusiasm.

Some of the benefits of MBSR-T include: 

Smiling Teenage Boy

 Improved emotion regulation and metacognition

Image by Simon Maage

Improved overall mental and physical health and well-being

Image by Andrew Neel

 Realistic shifts and perceptions and appraisals of stress

Cool Girl

Increased sense of agency, control, coherence, and power

Image by Steinar Engeland

 Decreases in stress and suffering

Image by tribesh kayastha

 Insight into the sources of strength that come from within


Wednesdays from 4:30p-5:30p


8 Weeks: 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 12/2, 12/9, and 12/16 (no class 11/25)

Through this evidence-based program, your teen will learn how to 


  • identify and understand their stress better.

  • deepen their present moment awareness and daily living.

  • cultivate self-care and awareness of their positive experiences.

  • respond to a stressful situation rather than react.

  • positively cope and use mindfulness to help them with their difficult thoughts behaviors and emotions. 

  • build mindful relationships with themselves and others.

  • integrate mindfulness into all aspects of their life

Program Overview



$200-$500/8-week group program (sliding scale) 

$800/ 2 month private coaching program 

Additional financial support is available for those in need. (please email us for more information)

We believe strongly in making our MBSR-T classes available to anyone who believes that it might be helpful in their life and is willing to commit themselves to do the work. Therefore, we offer this class on an honor-system based sliding scale, and the generosity of those who are able and choose to pay more directly supports those who cannot.   

We look forward to supporting your family. Please email or call 347-309-5987 if you have any questions or to schedule private sessions. 

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